'We leven niet in een tijdperk van verandering
maar in een verandering van tijdperk.
(Prof. Jan Rotmans)

Your Own Coin Based on Blockchain technology

We specialize in designing and developing platforms based on blockchain technology.

At this moment we are launching 4 platforms:



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Fair Diamond Mining



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Genuine Fashion Token





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Your Own Coin

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A decentralized delivery platform

for drivers and for the community


Deliverers Power Token (DPT) is a decentralized platform which affords delivery drivers a greater ability to choose their jobs, a greater share of the revenue, and benefits typically given to full time employees. At the same time, Deliverers Power Token provides a safe, uncomplicated and fast job sourcing platform, allowing parcel companies to source last-mile fulfilment of delivery from a pool of freelance drivers with less overhead due to the elimination of a middle man. For drivers, the platform creates a pooling effect allowing for benefits such as insurance and electric car financing. Last-mile deliveries in their current form are fraught with inefficiencies, security risks, and unreasonable middleman fees. 



Protecting consumers and manufacturers from the global counterfeit fashion trade via immutable records on the blockchain


Genuine Fashion Token brings consumers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers together in a single decentralized network, using blockchain technology, to disrupt the forged fashion industry by creating an immutable record that details and assures the provenance of valuable articles. We authenticate High-end products GFT will also develop an E-commerce around this authentication system. This provides a solution to the untrustworthy online world without third parties intervening.


Investing in a real diamond mine in West-Africa with a greater share for the miners by cutting out the middleman.


Fair Diamond Mining (FDM) is a decentralized platform, based on the blockchain. FDM will invest in a real diamond mine in Liberia (West-Africa) which affords the local diamond miners a greater share of the revenue. At the same time, Fair Diamond Mining allowing investors to earn money on selling these diamonds with less overhead due to the elimination of a middle man.



Giegle first leisure platform find engine for consumers

and companies


Finally a decentralized platform find engine that enables companies and

consumers to find eachother by providing smart marketingtools. As a user of the platform you can find all kinds of companies in the leisure market and get awarded when visit these (local) companies.





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